How to convert YouTube videos into AVI format?

Youtube is an online video-sharing website which attracted so many millions of audience to watch, share and enjoy the videos. Youtube is a platform for wide variety of online videos from movies, TV shows, News to online education, various vlogs, health and skin related information, tech tips, cooking and what not. Not only browsing various videos but also we can share and upload videos in this platform.

Now-a-days it's really very hard to imagine a technological world without Youtube. Even though so many new technologies are competing day by day in this digital era nothing is matching with the capacity of Youtube. But one cannot say that it has no flaws. Often when you try to download and play the youtube videos we may face some issues.

It's so common that sometimes our family or friends share some youtube link with us which is interesting or sometimes very important as well. But most of the time when we are indulged with some other work we prefer to download the video to watch in future. But sometimes we face trouble in viewing these videos as the formats of the video are not supported in the device. So in this case we need to convert the video.

We can convert the video into various other formats like AVI, MP4, MP3 etc. But converting the youtube videos into AVI format is one of the best formats so far. To convert the videos into AVI format here in 2021, I am sharing some steps that will aid you in the process.

What is AVI?

AVI is developed in 1992 by Microsoft. It is oldest form yet very famous and has much compatibility and high quality comparatively. AVI is also known as Audio Video Interleaved which is a sound and picture file in a multimedia container format.

How to use Yt Mp3 YouTube to AVI Converter?

Here we should make it clear that there are many online and offline tools for converting a youtube video into AVI format in 2021. Fallow the below step to convert YouTube video to AVI formats:

  • Go to and select the video which you wanted to download and copy its link.
  • Or if you have any youtube link shared with you by others also follows the same procedure.
  • Copy the URL of that specific video and then go to
  • In this website paste the link which you have copied earlier.
  • Then click on the option where is shows convert video
  • Choose the preferred format as AVI and start downloading.

  • YtMp3 - This is a web application where you can convert a youtube into other formats like MP3, MP4, AVI and MOV. We can directly download the youtube videos here very efficiently.


To conclude, converting youtube videos into AVI format is not difficult in 2021. We need to follow the mentioned steps carefully and it is easier to convert. There are many offline and online tools helping in this process and we can choose the most convenient software out of them based on the requirements.